Travel Insurance

Holidays are about good times and escaping the daily grind. While most people travel safely overseas without incident we do hear horror stories, like my friend that had a statue fall on him while partying, with no travel insurance his family faced a life and death situation where $100,000 had to be paid upfront to safely bring him home for treatment. True story!

For the minimal cost of a policy it is not worth the risk.

Bali Retreats Pty Ltd is an agent for QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. QBE Insurance Group is Australia's largest International general insurer and reinsurance group, and one of the top 25 insurers and reinsurers worldwide.

Worldwide Medical & Emergency Assistance

QBE Assist has been providing assistance to travellers in need since 1992. QBE Assist is a team of trained medical and insurance specialists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Hurt or sick

Requiring medical assistance is stressful at the best of times and even more so when you are overseas.
In the event of an accident, illness or emergency mishap during your trip, the QBE Assist Team of medical experts is on hand for:

  • assessing and monitoring your condition after an accident or illness;
  • providing medical repatriation, if required;
  • making payment of hospital and medical bills;

Disrupted, lost and desperate

Airport closures; lost or stolen documents; missing luggage all add up to frustration and anxiety when travelling. Some of the levels of support

  • assistance with rescheduling of travel arrangements, replacement of lost passports or travel documents;
  • provide advice and contact details for airline and local embassy in the event of lost tickets, passports or travel documents, provide contact details for bank/credit card provider to assist with arrangements for emergency transfer of funds;
  • in case of an emergency, providing a message service for travellers so they can keep in touch with their family, employer or travel agent back home.

To issue your policy now click below

When the insurance page opens see the Range of Policies on the left of the page. There are a number of options to suit your individual requirements so make sure you compare the inclusions. If you are a frequent traveller take a look at the Annual Multi Trip Policy which covers you for 12 months. It can work out more economical than taking a policy for each trip. Select the Quote button and enter your travel dates. Make sure you enter your Return Date as the date you hit Australian soil.

Once you have completed the form your policy will be emailed directly to you. Easy!

Why Australians should take travel insurance

Not convinced? See what the Department of Foreign Affairs And Trade for all overseas travel has to say.

Smart Traveller

The Australian government urges travellers to register travel plans with Smart Traveller so they can assist you should an emergency occur. For up to date overseas travel information for Australian travellers we recommend you visit on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) website or call toll free on 1300 139 281.

Smart Traveller