Bingin Beach Accommodation – Bali

Bingin beach is located on the Bukit which means “hill” in Indonesian, and one of the area’s main attractions is elevation. On its west coast, white limestone cliffs contrast dramatically against the brilliant blue of the Indian Ocean lapping along its pristine coastline, and the views from this region are simply breathtaking.

The Bukit’s other attraction? The same reason it sat idle for so long – it’s tucked up and out of the way, which appeals to those looking for somewhere quiet and serene to spend vacation time. The Bukit is only a short drive to Kuta or the tourist strip of Legian, but a world apart from the maddening crowd.

Thanks to a handful of small boutique resorts, private villas and guesthouse bungalows, the Bukit has evolved beyond being simply a surfer’s paradise to become one of those rare enchanting places where people from all walks of life can find their own ideal holiday getaway.